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Our employees are our most important asset, so we want you to continue to grow in your career here.

Be Inspired

Hubbell’s goal is to inspire our employees to take a step further and delve deeper into the work they do. Our Company is also dedicated to keeping their employees interested and challenged. No matter where you are or what you do, inspiration is the key to completing good work and fulfilling self-satisfaction. Regardless of where you work at Hubbell, you will find a diverse culture that is team-oriented and focused on making a difference.

Be Open

Change is inevitable. Being open to change will not only help you grow, but it will push you in the right direction when you need it most. Here at Hubbell, growth and development is not only encouraged but imperative in your experience. Both personally and professionally, working at Hubbell will give you the chance to reach your highest potential.

Be Bold

With growth and development at Hubbell comes the opportunity to travel the world. Hubbell has locations across the United States and around the globe. With over 100 locations, travelling is a major part of working for our Company. Take part in the adventure and see the world through Hubbell’s eyes. Take a chance and be bold.

Be Rewarded

Hubbell offers a comprehensive and competitive compensation program. Depending on your level within the company and the platform in which you work, you may be eligible for bonuses, Hubbell stock and more. We also offer discounts on Hubbell products, as well as discount offers through our Health & Wellness partners

Be Green

In 2010, Hubbell announced HSI – the Hubbell Sustainability Initiative – which is an enterprise-wide commitment to develop sustainable products and business practices. The HSI mission is to Achieve an ongoing culture of environmental responsibility with our employees, community, and industry implementing educational programs and sustainable practices. While HSI is relatively new, we embraced the concept of a cultivating a green company years ago with a commitment to conduct business in an environmentally friendly way. The ultimate goal is to cut energy costs, reduce waste, and reduce our carbon footprint.

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Be You

Hubbell employees pride themselves on their ability to be comfortable in their work environment. It is important us that all employees are able to express themselves and have their voice heard. Working at Hubbell is your time to grow professionally, gain experience, find out who you are, and what you are meant to do. Join our team and watch yourself grow into who you are supposed to be.

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Hubbell is an international manufacturer of electrical and electronic products for residential, commercial, industrial and utility applications.

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