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Areas of Focus

With the many locations that Hubbell has to offer comes the ability and the necessity to house a variety of departments.

  • Engineering

    Hubbell leads the way in products that are environmentally conscious, energy efficient and second to none in their practicality.

  • Finance

    The Hubbell Finance Team is, essentially, home to the books and records of the company.

  • Human Resources

    The Hubbell Human Resources team believes our most important asset is our people.

  • Information Technology

    The Information Technology Team is focused on providing technology support to our employees in a number of areas.

  • Sales

    The Hubbell Sales team promotes our products to the market and educates our customers and distributor partners.

  • Customer Service

    Customer Service at Hubbell is dedicated to complete product knowledge to meet the needs of our customers.

  • Marketing

    Hubbell’s Marketing professionals capitalize on the multi-channel approach to reach our target customers.

  • Legal

    The Legal Department’s mission is to protect the rights and interests of Hubbell.

  • Operations

    The Hubbell Operations team’s main focus is upholding the most efficient, highest quality products possible.

  • Internal Audit

    Internal Audit provides disciplined and systematic oversight to the Company’s processes and risk management.

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Hubbell is an international manufacturer of electrical and electronic products for residential, commercial, industrial and utility applications.

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